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  • 1.4.2   DB strftime template tag ReadMe file
    Release 1.4.2

    strftime in get_product

    add condition for DB select

    SQLite: strftime

    PostGres: to_char

    add pk context in templatetag ccstags

    ValueError at /tresoferme/expense
    Field 'id' expected a number but got '1\xa0066'.

    Change ReadMe file

    remove correction on django-easy-pdf and use fork from github.com/geolffreym

  • 1.4.1   compatible sqlite & postgres db
    1a1b7a89 · to_char4sqlite ·
    Release 1.4.1

    db type code spec

    • renta reporting select to_char(date_field) from table name
    • profile_list compute jlastlog

    put redis first when calling installed_apps